Sensitive subjects are not only appropriate for stand up comedy, but often perfect for it. Sensitive subjects usually only have a single narrative surrounding them in the news so when a comic can get up on stage and say something different it can be very refreshing. Dave Chappelle covers the #MeToo movement and naturally things got a little controversial. The listed news articles mentioned a couple of the jokes from his special out of context and the writers sounded too sensitive to be listening to comedy in the first place. When he talks about the female comic who had her dream of comedy “ruined” from Louie CK jerking off in front of her and calls her brittle spirited, I completely agree. She’s a comic, other female comics could have even made a joke off of it and continued with their careers. Comic moments like this balance out sensational events and act as devil’s advocate to help you create an opinion on a matter 90% the same as your original opinion, but now slightly slightly more realistic.

With Kevin Spacey, I think it was right for Netflix to cancel House of Cards, but to consider not watching the show anymore or not watching his movies anymore is a little overboard in my opinion. I care more about the media than the drama in the background much like with music. I was watching House of Cards a month ago when my roommates started making some actually hilarious Spacey jokes. I kept watching the show with the added giggles but it didn’t bother me. The key I think is to be lighthearted sometimes. One person who is undeniably disgusting is Harvey Weinstein and though Dave Chapelle makes a controversial joke about it, he mentions how terrifying it all must have been for female actors to be in their positions. He mentions how if he was in a meeting and the guy whipped his dick out he would be terrified too. Dave isn’t defending anyone in these specials but he is playing around and finding funny angles on the stories. This is a dangerous strategy and it fails occasionally, but I think that overall he is pretty funny and that his ideas are relatively grounded.

Louie C.K.’s career has undeniably ended because he pulled his penis out multiple times to female colleagues and it all happened in recent history. It appears that Kevin Spacey’s career is over as well but I don’t know if that is totally fair. The accusations happened something like 30 years ago and I believe it is entirely possible that he’s a different man now so maybe this controversy shouldn’t be his end in the entertainment industry. I could be wrong but I just know from personal experience that I evolve as a person every so often.

In general however I don’t tend to spend a lot of time thinking about this kind of news because it doesn’t benefit me in anyway to do so. I dwelled on Louie C.K.’s controversy for a few days because it was so shocking to me, but then I moved passed it. It just makes me feel uncomfortable to focus on such an ugly topic for so long. Does that mean that Dave Chappelle’s bits on the #MeToo movement and all of this controversy were unpleasant to me? In part, yes. Though Dave did had plenty of funny moments and was mostly on point, I just don’t want to hear of the subject matter to begin with. So to read articles written by very sensitive and passionate people who are essentially yelling at Chappelle for being insensitive and wrong about how he covered these topics was like nails on a chalkboard. It just feels like a waste of time and slightly like tabloid news. Also I do love Dave Chappelle, but I just hope he moves on to a different subject matter for his next special.

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