Netflix handled these controversies by just firing the actor involved. When people did not like 13 Reasons Why, Netflix told them they did not have to watch the show.  I read the articles that were by, Jason Zinoman, Jamie Loftus, and Ben Travers.  The one about Danny Masterson was useless to me because I did not watch the show and it only spoiled it and then talked about how hard it would be to watch the last season because they do not like Danny Masterson.  The other two that I read just kind of shit on Dave Chappelle and after watching the special we were assigned I am not sure why they did this because I thought his special was great.
Dave Chappelle in his special Equanimity and The Bird Revelation was a great special with hilarious jokes and he also made a lot of great points when talking about Weinstein, Spacey, and Louis C.K.  The articles about him said all of his jokes were bad and made in poor taste, but in my opinion that is just wrong.  After watching these specials I thought his jokes were really funny, and he said a lot of things that some people needed to hear, but did not want to hear.  When he talks about Spacey, I will admit some of those jokes were bad, However when he talked about Weinstein and C.K. he made a lot of great points.  When he spoke about the woman who said that Louis was masturbating while he was talking to her on the phone, Chappelle asked why she couldn’t just hang up the phone.  When he was talking about the woman who said he comedy career was ruined when Louis masturbated in front of her, and that if MLK Jr. had done the same thing, then nothing would have gotten done.  Chappelle was saying that yes it was horrible that it happened to her, but that she could have walked away and even though she didn’t that should not have said her comedy career was ruined.  Also one of the articles mentioned that during his special The Bird Revelation there were a lot of awkward silences and this was bad.  I did not think they silences were awkward but I also think they were intended and important because in those moments he was not making a joke but instead he was saying something that was actually important.  He incorporates all of this into his routine very well, and in my opinion by making jokes and saying things that needed to be said even though it was not to get laughs.  I also do agree with him when he says things that the audiences do have “brittle ears” and “brittle spirits,” because I think many people do.  I think a lot of people are very sensitive to hearing certain things, and that people also have trigger words. Once they hear these trigger words, they may not listen to what is said and they just get upset.  I also believe that these sensitive subjects are appropriate because comedy and jokes can be a different platform to talk on about these subjects.  This is because a joke can make it seem just a little lighter and this can get people to open up more and listen a little easier to what needs to be said.  I think incorporating them is definitely positive as long as it is done right, and I believe that Chappelle does do it right.  I also think it can be cathartic for some because comedy and jokes can make the subject seem a little lighter, not to take away from how serious the situations can be, but to instead just make it easier to talk about.  I also can see how to the victims of these situations it can seem hurtful and rude because it actually happened to them.  However, I believe that Chappelle’s platform has always been comedy but he wanted to say something meaningful and therefore he did still have to make jokes so that people would listen to it.

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