The TV series Dear White People is shaped by racial ethnicity and multiculturalism. The show follows a group of black students at a fictional college called University of Winchester. They create their group in response to the racist acts such as a black face party held by the white students. In this show racism and diversity are spelled out much more than Luke Cage or On my Block. As producers create these shows with clear divisions they must know what effect it has on the community and audience. The directors are creating a clear me vs them idea and its only making the problem worse. Although the show was made to inform and shed light on the problem of racial diversity, I believe they aren’t going about it the best way. This particular show some-what challenges traditional stereotypical representations by presenting the African Americans in the show as educated and intelligent where as in the past, blacks were typically portrayed and unintelligent and helpless. It also doesn’t really challenge traditional stereotypes because it’s still presenting the problem of racism as an obstacle that we must overcome. I think the series’ do a fine job of indicating racism but we as an audience have come a very long way since..for example say..Black face parties were really a thing, so I think it effects us a little differently. In regards to having these shows change the mind of a racist or bigot is highly unlikely. People that believe people of different skin color are inferior to them don’t just adopt this theory over night. It comes from family views and ideologies as well as personal experiences. For someone to change their mind, i think something drastic would have to happen, which doesn’t include watching some TV shows where the center is racial diversity. In fact, for the true bigots, I think an argument could be made where the shows are making them even more mad..ingraining their racist beliefs even more.

As far as characters go, I think Sierra was my favorite from On the Block. She would be considered the leader in this group. She is an Afro-latina which makes her unique because minorities are not often the leader of groups. I like her because she is powerful and knows what she wants, while still trying to figure herself out in high school. Although I couldn’t exactly identify with her, I can still see where she is coming from which makes me like her. She had a rough child hood, raised by only her father, making her even stronger than originally thought to be.

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