The series Dear White People is focused around the multiculturalism and racial aspects. Through the television series, you follow a group of individuals who are African American around a college campus and they are faced with multiple racial slurs through their college career. The white students who often throw parties don’t accept them and they won’t allow living their normal culture. These series don’t challenge the traditional representation of ethnic minorities rather they highlight it. As sad as that is to say, I went to a college where white people were not the minorities on the campus. Although everyone was always nice to the people they often times would make comments about African American people coming to a party and in Greek Life, they often stood out. This was never a bad thing, but I think that Dear White people show how unfortunate these types of situations are. They highlight it because of the way they have shown the parties and how they communicate with different races. I think that exposure to these or any other political progressive television shows can change the minds/ worldviews of the bigoted viewers. I think that the media can simply encourage the kind of intercultural understanding that is needed in this diverse times because of how much people look up to media. Relating this to a different subject of Love. I remember watching television as a young kid and even now when I watch love stories and want that. I look up to those shows and hope that a love like that will come into my life, or a love story will happen. Although, I know that this is typically fiction I know that when thinking that I will have higher standards because of how movies work. I think that the same can go for racism; this typically is how younger generations learn nowadays. When they watch these shows, if people are kind and equal to everyone regardless of the skin color or culture, I think that it would make most want to be like this and treat others equally.

Luke Cage has much more of a present story with them on how the man can be very powerful and equal. Because his character is so positive, outgoing and smart like most superhero’s have, it shows how he is able to fight back against crime. His character becomes so passionate and understanding towards the people it takes them a step back, in return to accept his racial ethnicity. This is what I am talking about when I say that shows need to be like this. When people look up to this they will know that is how one is supposed to act.

I personally loved all of these shows, although I did not agree with how some of the characters acted, I think that they did a great job of showing how the real world is. I find that shows that are more realistic and say thinks how they are, are becoming very popular. I know personally, I like to watch these shows because I am able to relate to them and know that I sometimes face these challenges. Sometimes they are more out of the ordinary than what I might know, but I am able to see how to handle them and possibly get some advice from them. The media is so popular nowadays and people look up to it on how to act, it is important to know that they can give good advice.

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