When it comes to the new type of animated television shows versus the live-action television we are all so accustomed to seeing, I prefer the animated series. The comedies that are done in animated series seems to be quite a bit more vulgar and they can get away with it too. In F is For Family, Bill Burrs character, Frank, uses quite a bit of abrasive language that would seem to offend a majority of people if it were said by a real actor on live TV. Words like “God Damnit” and “Jesus Christ” are not used often on live TV but when you are watching these animated series, they are said often. You find this in many series beyond the ones assigned this week. Shows like Family Guy and South Park are full of crude humor that are meant to offend certain people, but it doesn’t seem as offensive as if we saw an actor in person saying these words. In F is For Family, they immediately bring up the fact that Franks son is high at the dinner table, which is not seen in live TV. This is something that would be alluded to, but it is not something they would outright say.

The language the characters use is not the only difference between live television, they can change the way the characters look as well. In Archer, they use Lana as a provocative, beautiful brunette woman who constantly has her breasts being flaunted. This is not frowned upon because it is in and animated show where nothing is real. If you were to go into a live TV show and show a woman like Lana, wearing the same outfit in real life, it would cause quite a bit of a stir. On the contrary, when it comes to live action shows, I find that they have a harder time being serious and catching the audiences emotions like a live action show may. There is something different about being able to see the facial expressions of a real human being that will always catch more attention than an animated face would. I personally cannot image many animated TV shows that are not in the comedy genre besides animated children’s shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I find that Adult Swim on Cartoon Network has done an average job on the evaluation of animated series. There are pros and cons to what adult swim has done. On the bright side, Cartoon Network has released some shows that create a lasting impression on the audience and will always have their audience laughing. Adventure Time is a show that has been around for years and can appeal to a large audience. Whether you are an older adult or a younger teen, there is aspects of Adventure Time that can appeal to you. The problem with Cartoon Network is they release a plethora of shows that I have no interest for or they simply do not catch enough attention for a season two and it seems like a waste of time.

For me personally, I will always watch these animated comedies. The amount of mudslinging and offensive material I find in shows like Family Guy and South Park fill my cold heart with joy and happiness. Archer is a show that will always have a spot in my heart because it essentially remakes what I had always wanted to see in the James Bond movies. Then, Rick And Morty just signed another 70 episode deal and now they will be playing for what seems like forever, so Jacob is going to have animated comedies to watch for the rest of his life.


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