Really, when you think about the transition Netflix is making, going from just simple movies, then to entire series written and produced by themselves, all the way to the airing of reality programming, it all makes sense. What does Netflix want to do and what have they been doing successfully for the last decade? Being a popular alternative to cable TV. Cable tv seems to be dying at a rapid pace and the more these streaming apps like Netflix open their horizon of genres, the more people they will take from the large TV giants.

I personally enjoy reality TV shows. Especially cooking shows where they put chefs against each other with fun setbacks that make the show more interesting. One of my favorite shows is Chopped. In this show, they put four chefs against each other where they have a short amount of time to cook a meal for a guest panel of chefs using ingredients that are usually bizarre, gross, or ingredients that just simple should not be mixed together. It allows me to learn tips with cooking, but also have the opportunity to see some chefs compete at a higher level than just a traditional cookoff.

Nailed It was exactly the same experience I have when I am watching Chopped but there was more of a sense of humor attached to it. I enjoyed watching the chefs struggle to replicate the professionally designed cakes. These poor chefs tried their best and it looked awful but I truly enjoyed my time watching the show. Queer Eye was not as bad as I thought it would be. I simply cannot get into these makeover shows where they take a normal guy and get him all dressed up and everything but I will be honest, I found myself enjoying this show more than most makeover shows. These shows are usually something my girlfriend enjoys but I actually thought it was funny and cute. I found myself connecting with Tom when they were cleaning him up and it made me smile from ear to ear when he began blushing and his confidence began to rise.

It is easy to create genres with these reality TV shows. There seems to be a clear diving line with all reality shows that can put each one into a specific genre. There are dating programs, docusoaps, makeover programs, talent contests, cooking game shows and many more different types of genres. There are a lot of different makeover shows on the market present day and Queer Eye fits right into those just like Nailed It fits into those cooking game shows.

When I began watching Queer Eye, I didn’t know what to expect when they bring five gay men into a small country town in Georgia. There was even a part in the episode where Tom asked one of the gentleman who was the husband and who was the wife in his marriage and even though it offended them, Tom simply did not know better. This gave Bobby the opportunity to explain to Tom the aspects of a gay relationship that he was not familiar with and it also educated the viewers, myself included. This was something I did not expect when I began watching but it was a touching part of the episode. Of course, parts of the show are staged. Like when Toms ex-wife shows up to the car show, and when they take him from his friends in the beginning of the episode, but it’s just part of those reality shows. It may seem corny but it never seems to bother me too much.

As far as the amount of information retained from Nailed It, I find that show to be helpful as well. When the contestants were baking, they made many mistakes that I could imagine happen with bakers all the time. Like when one of the bakers put the butter cream on before the cake was cooled and so the cream began melting and created a mess. This is something that can be absorbed by anyone who cooks.

In the end, I found that there was information in both shows that can be deemed as valuable, and the shows in general not only gave tips on baking, personal hygiene, and other skills; they also taught lessons about character and that is something that I found to be most important.


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