Reality television, some people love it and some people hate. I am one of the few who are obsessed with watching reality shows. From Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s, Jersey Shore, Below Deck, Real Housewives and so much more, yes I watch it all. The best part of reality television is we get to take a front row seat of watching other people lives from the comfort of our own house. Services like Amazon, Apple and Netflix are all now bringing in reality television in order to make their subscribers happy. The market shows the demands of reality television are growing every day and companies are trying to bring in new content all the time.

Netflix has it’s own original and re-newed episode of reality tv which include Nailed It! and Queer Eye. Both programs bring us into other peoples lives rather the person is trying to bake a complicated dessert or trying to help give others make over’s. While I was watching Nailed It! I feel in love, with the host Nichole Byer. Having meet Byer in person, as set as the host, she brings in comedy to the show. Unlike tradition cooking shows, where contestants are expected to have amazing cooking skills, contestants are ordinary people trying to cook, which make the show more reliable to viewers.

When people take about reality television as a genre most of the time the genre just gets referred to as “reality television. However, having the name just at the genre is too broad and should be broken down into sub-genres such as, “make-over,” “cooking,” “dating programs,” surviving programs,” and so many more. In order to take the deciding process easier for the viewer to select programs, there needs to be sub-genres for reality television. As I go to choose my personal genres for reality television I lean more towards the “lifestyle” genre such as Real Housewives, Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s. The reason I enjoy this sub-genre so much is because I get to look inside the lives of “celebrities” and what the lifestyle of a celebrity would be like. When I watch these shows it is like a mini escape of my own reality and I get “placed” into another persons life for a moment. Nailed It! I would place under the “cooking program” sub-genre because even though the show isn’t about professional cooking, the show still contains all elements of cooking shows. Queer Eye belongs under the “make over program,” sub-genre because the viewer is provided with a contestant who receives a complete life make over.

As a gay male, Queer Eye presents a positive representation of the LGBTQ community and gender stereotypes. The best part of the show is the “fab five” stars all represent a classic “type” of gay guy. You have a more masculine gay male all the way down to a more “feminine” gay guy. The show does an amazing job of presenting five gay males who help give make over’s to heterosexual males in southern states. In the first episode of season one, we are introduced to an older man named Tom, who represents your typical older southern cowboy. Tom having an open mind as well as never being around gay men builds a true connection with the boys that will last forever. An article called How Netflix and Amazon Are Driving a Global Reality TV Renaissance, by Scott Roxborough in the Hollywood Reporter, Roxborough claims “Netflix’s Bajaria said in a statement following the launch of Queer Eye. “These series elevate the genre with innovative takes on familiar formats. They deliver immersive and nuanced stories. They elicit so many emotions from viewers, from tears of laughter to tears of joy — and that’s just Queer Eye.””   Both Netflix original reality shows are a spin on classic sub-genres, which positively represent what viewers expect to see but showcase them in a refreshing modern lens.

Scott Roxborough, “How Netflix and Amazon Are Driving a Global Reality TV Renaissance,” Hollywood Reporter (April 9, 2018): amazon-are-driving-a-global-reality-tv-renaissance-1100793

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