Netflix is known for its great original content that has encaptivated viewers for years, but are they missing a whole audience that could change the game for them? People have loved reality shows for years. While watching Nailed It, we can see that this largely reflects how reality shows were and still are. In regards to whether these reality tv shows can be categorized into sub-genres is a little unlikely due to how popular they are, or the popularity they lack. If they did create these sub-genres I think reality tv as a whole would need a much larger audience for this to be successful. Nailed it, reminds me of shows that I used to watch where the characters lives on the show are constantly being exploited and then camera time is given to each character individually for them to discuss how they feel about the competition and themselves on the particular show. As Roxborough mentions his in article reality TV has been relatively prominent in the past. All the way from 1997 with the start of Survivor from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to where we are today. Although these shows have been airing The Voice from 2010 is the only show that has had consistent high ratings and a large fan base. The show Queer Eye,  follows people from different cities with very different beliefs and interviews them in hopes of discussing highly debated issues, including being gay in the first episode. Television and films have historically been full masculinity due to preconceived gender roles. This reality TV show dives deep into peoples lives to show that regardless of gender preference, people are generally very similar. Through Queer Eye we can see that people come from all walks of life and grow up in very different lifestyles culturally speaking. These sorts of niche communities can have certain connotations for people they disagree with or don’t live a similar life too. In boosting Tom’s self-esteem, they simply explain that people go through the same things he does on a daily basis and that he shouldn’t be scared about things that he is doing normally. It’s hard to say whether or not the things that Tom was told are going to impact him throughout his life but I believe that he goes and re watches his episodes, he will understand and make the proper adjustments to better his life. People are so interested in reality TV shows due to the unscripted nature of them. Although many of them are not unscripted it creates this on-the-fly “acting” that makes it enjoyable for viewers because it makes it easier for them to put themselves in the characters shoes. Creating a reality TV show on platforms such as Netflix or Amazon make it difficult for original producers to do what they want to do because of censorship and signing over rights to the aforementioned platforms. A more traditional route as Roxborough explains “often when you do an original deal, you not only retain rights to the original but also can take sales rights for the local news version outside the territory”(Roxborough, 3) As you can see there are benefits to not adapting to certain platforms but you run the risk of having your show not be as successful as it could have been. All in all, I can’t say reality tv has peaked my interest but there are many people out there that absolutely love it.

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