Queer Eye and Nailed It! both conform to earlier examples of their genre, Reality TV.  Queer Eye is very similar to most reality shows because of how they are structured and how the cast acts.  With this show it is structured like most others where they show the cast in action and then they have cut scenes where one or two characters will talk to the camera alone about the scene that is shown.  The cast they have is also very similar to most other reality shows I have seen where they have a lot of characters and one of them is a little over the top while the rest are an interesting group.  This reminds me a lot of the show Duck Dynasty because even though they are very different people the cast reminds me a lot of each other in the way that they act and how they are when on camera.  In Nailed It! this show also conforms to earlier examples of the genre because in almost all of the baking shows they are structured the same way.  Most cooking shows especially like Nailed It! are structured with the judges who give the challenge then sit together and comment on how the cooks are doing.  These cooks are also the same as others because they are given their challenge and then put on a clock to complete it.  This is almost the same as every other cooking reality show because they are all set up the same way with just different challenges and judges.  The sub genre I find most appealing would have to be talent contests.  I really dont even like reality shows at all but if I had to pick then it would be talent contests because it is interesting to see unique talents that people work really hard to be great at.  Queer Eye would fall into the sub category of makeover programs and Nailed It! would fall into the category of “lighthearted baking competition.

Queer Eye to me doesn’t say that the idea of maleness and masculinity are changing but it tells me that people are more accepting of others.  I think masculinity is still the same and I don’t believe that the show or the Fab Five are masculine.  This show also does a good job of showing cultural differences between the shows Fab Five and the “test subject”.  This is because the Fab Five is well dressed more proper and preppy and also gay, while the subject is older, dirtier, and not at all like them.  Some of the “lessons” that they teach him are to be more confident in himself and that it is not bad to take care of yourself to make you feel better.  I also do think that they and their lessons will have a lasting impact on his lifestyle choices because he seemed much happier at the end of the episode than the beginning.  I think with how happy he was that he will continue to listen to them for a long time.

I attribute the success of the show Nailed It! to the fact that they had decent hosts and also how they have “regular people” and not famous chefs or great chefs trying to prepare the meal.  I think this resonates with people because they could see themselves competing in the show and making the same mistakes or they even think they could do better which is why they like to watch it.  It differs from other shows for these reasons because most of the shows have people who are at least decent chefs trying to prepare a meal not amateurs trying to compete in these competitions.  I think this show sends a positive message about personal achievement and/or failure because it shows how people can fail and it is still OK.  I also would not call this show “disposable” because I think it was a good pilot episode and will definitely retain its value and continue to resonate with a diverse audience over time.

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