Reality TV. You either love it and can’t get enough of it, or you hate it and will never watch it. I personally don’t mind it; however, I am picky with which shows I will watch. For example, I hate the Bachelor. Even though it’s “reality TV” it’s all fake and scripted, which most of them are, but the Bachelor is just too much. I love House Hunters, 100% Hotter, The Challenge, The Real World, Say Yes to the Dress, etc. Say Yes to the Dress is probably one of my favorite because I love all things wedding. The Atlanta show is more scripted than the New York one, but it’s charming and delightful. The New York one seems more real because of the interviews they do with the consultants. They’ll be holding five dresses in their hands in the middle of the walk way with other consultants rushing behind them talking to the producer about how the appointment is going. I think a lot of people don’t like reality TV because it is so fake even though it’s trying to portray as authentic television. Others love it because of it’s trashiness and craziness. It’s usually classified as a ‘guilty pleasure.”

I watched the first episode of Nailed It! and Queer EYE. I didn’t know what these shows were, but I enjoyed them. I enjoyed Nailed It! a little bit better than Queer Eye because it was a baking show with a twist. I don’t usually like plain baking shows because I find them a bit boring, but it was interesting how they took normal people and made them compete by trying to recreate cake masterpieces. It was more relatabale because I know I wouldn’t have done any better than those people at creating that blue wedding cake. I also like the competition aspect of it. It makes it more exciting and suspenseful. Queer Eye was good because it was about renovations and changing spaces into a better version of themselves, but I found it to be boring. It was really easy for me to get distracted while watching it. It’s something that I would only put on as background noise  while doing something else. It’s definitely in a different sub-genre of reality TV then Nailed It! is. Baking reality shows are there own little genre because there are so many of them, but the same could be said about Queer Eye. There’s even a whole network dedicated towards house improvements.

I think the show Queer Eye is another stepping stone. Society has certain ideas of what each gender should and shouldn’t be doing and showing the fabulous five take on a more feminine task will hopefully help break those ideologies. These five men in the first episode of season one meet a man named Tom who needs a makeover. The fabulous five work with him to “dust off the ghosts of relationships past” and to fix his house up. They also help boost his self esteem by  complimenting him, listening to him, helping him find what does and does not work for him, telling him to stop calling himself ugly, etc. I’m not sure if Tom will stick to his new “life” because I’ve seen a lot of shows where a person gets help and gets a makeover and plays along in front of the cameras, but a few months later are back to their old selves, but still use SOME tips they were given.

Nailed It! was definitely a much better show in my opinion. It does give off the same vibes of other baking shows, but instead of taking professional bakers who own their own bakeries they have everyday people baking and competing against each other. Another unique aspect of this show is that they don’t have any creative freedom. They are asked to recreate a bakery masterpiece to the best of their abilities, which honestly doesn’t turn out to be amazing, but I don’t judge because I couldn’t do any better. I think by having normal people on this show makes it more relatable and fun to watch. I think this show is either a hit or miss. I can see how some people would find it super boring and would hate it, but I can also see how people could be addicted to it.

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