I want to start this post by saying I love documentaries. I think they are so fascinating and I love how they are about true topics and events that are either happening or that have had happened. Evil Genius on Netflix is definitely one of my favorite docu-series now.  There were just so many parts to the pizza bombing that it became a little confusing, but absolutely incredible. Icarus was also very interesting because it was about athletes taking supplements to enhance their athletic ability. I found this one to be interesting because I love sports and physical activity and I just can’t believe that there are drugs out in the world that help people become better athletes, but I’ve always wondered why it was worth it because they have so many side affects!

I think it’s great that Netflix has documentaries and not just entertaining TV shows and movies. Documentaries are refreshing. It’s refreshing to watch something educational instead of just scary, silly, or sad all of the time. According to the chapter in our text book titled “Netflix and the Documentary Boom” written by Sudeep Sharma, Netflix is allowed to pick and choose which documentaries they will have within their choices of entertainment. They choose documentaries that will be favorable with the viewers, so Netflix will still gain profit from them. I don’t see anything wrong with that because Netflix is a business and they need to make certain decisions to make sure that they will still gain profits and stay in business. Sharma also believes that Netflix has allowed a wider audience to gain access to documentaries and I believe that is true. On their own they don’t so that well because there isn’t a lot of advertisement for them. The only way people use to find them were through school, work, word of mouth, a chance pop up on Facebook, etc. Netflix allows people to browse their materials with ease and has a whole genre dedicated to documentaries which is so easy to find and access.

I chose to watch Bryan Folgers’s Icarus for this post because it seemed the most interesting to me. It’s about athletes taking supplements to enhance their athleticism, but more specifically Russians athletes. Russia has always been scrutinized because they would win so many awards and titles, but only because they would cheat. Most of their athletes would dope up giving them and unnatural advantage over everyone else. I think it’s crazy people inject themselves with needles filled with enhancing drugs. Bryan had to inject himself in the butt with two or three needles and he started to freak out a little bit because he started bleeding  lot. I wouldn’t say this was one of my favorite documentaries to watch because it was a little hard to pay attention to it. It would get a little boring sometimes. I found it to be a traditional documentaries. It followed one guy trying to find the truth/more information, there was dramatic music played throughout the whole thing, excerpts of clips that had nothing to do with the story, etc. I did think it brought a greater awareness to the program that knew about the doping and just how serious and intense the doping was. I didn’t know too much about the doping in Russia other than they were always being accused and being threatened of not being able to compete in certain events such as the Olympics.

Evil Genius was amazing. It was a 4 part series instead of just an hour long documentary which is the more traditional style, but after watching Evil Genius I can understand why it was 4 parts. Everything was so crazy and there were so many parts and details to all of it that there was no way it would have fit into an hour long documentary. I noticed that in the Evil Genius it was more of a story. Trey was the producer and narrator and presented the documentary as a story which I though made it entertaining. I also really liked how they included real images, videos, confessions, interviews, news clips, etc into the series because it made it more authentic and real. I found myself to be very interested in the story. I didn’t realize that it was only a 4 part series and found myself to be excited to continue watching after the first 4 episodes. To be honest I was a little dissapointed that it was only 4 parts because I wanted more. Marge was so interesting to me! I can’t believe she got away with so much and that no one could piece together the deaths of all these men in her life! She still claimed that she wasn’t involved and she also tried to blame Bill for the death of her boyfriend who was threatening to spill the beans about the bombing.  I also found it interesting that Bill claimed he wasn’t involved in the pizza bombing even with his last breath. They said they did it to prove they were smarter than everyone and to some extent they were right. It took the police years to fit all of the pieces together, but eventually they did. I still want to know why they made the bomb real and who decided to make it real. I also want to know whose idea it was to make it real. It’s just such a crazy story that I became emotionally invested in because 1) I was a pizza delivery driver for sometime, 2) I love mysteries and puzzles, and 3) it was so elaborate.

I agree with Sharma that documentaries are a better use of time than watching Wedding  Crashers, or some other dumb movie/TV show because they are educational. They allow people to learn about things that they may not even heard of. It’s also a breath of fresh air because you don’t have to decide what is fake and what is real. With that being said, I do think it is also beneficial to watch other things as well because sometimes people just need a break from real life. It’s fun to engage in another world and life through the use of a screen and not be thinking about what deadlines you have to meet or what bills you have to pay for an hour and a half. I also find it therapeutic for me because even though I have my own problems I can watch a movie about someone with way worse problems and then I feel better about my own problems.

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