Netflix has recreated the way we view documentaries. From accessibility to short length episodes they allow us to dive deeper into the film where traditional documentaries would not allow you to do this due to length. Because documentaries could only be found independently and  on HBO, Netflix found that making these would be profitable as well as extremely successful because of the lack of platforms that they show up on. As Netflix has adopted these films we can see that they are offering very attractive prices to these film makers, essentially offering them something they can’t refuse. “With its large amount of money and “newness” of its operation. Netflix is able to think differently and invest in projects that will help more in creating a reputation of quality and innovation than immediate returns.” (Sharma, 151)– allowing them to be so successful. Not having to focus on returns and money is a huge advantage that Netflix has over its competitors. I personally don’t believe Sharma’s analogy is pertinent when comparing these two things to documentary venders. Although Netflix has begun to dominate the film industry, people are still very interested in the traditional documentary film, still making them popular. Icarus and Flint Town were the two documentaries I decided to watch. Icarus being more traditional and Flint Town being more Netflix contemporary. I enjoyed both but was much more fascinated with Flint Town stylistically. Ignoring content for a few moments, I wasn’t too big of a fan of Icarus because it dragged on in my opinion. The film is 2 hours and 1 minute. I think if they were broken up into multiple episodes it would be much more interesting. Similar to Flint Town. Flint Town seemed so attractive to me because as well as teaching information about the certain subject, it also followed the story of police officers so you could get a sense of how they felt during the process. This allows you to build a bond and a certain sense of responsibility for the person, making the documentary more meaningful. The multi-episode films build much more of a back story and then share how the information is either harming or benefiting the community, unlike the Icarus the movie-length film. I found Icarus to be educationally enriching but it was a little dry for me personally. I enjoyed Flint Town much more.

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