Animation is relatively “free” from some of the industrial exigencies that non-animated programs have because they are cartoons.  With cartoons they are taken less serious than with non-animated shows and this allows them more freedom.  Cartoon shows are more free to say and do a lot more because people are not taking it as serious and therefore people do not care about what is said or done as much.  In BoJack there is adult content throughout with references to sex and alcohol.  They are able to get away with this because it is a cartoon and there are also animals that act like humans mixed in with the actual human characters.  This makes the show seem unrealistic and contributes to why people take it less serious.  In F is for Family right at the beginning of the episode the dad starts swearing profusely when he answers a phone call during dinner.  There is also a show on the new TV they get that has the host offend all of his guests during the show.  In Big Mouth the main characters are children and the show starts off with the main two talking and then one of them has his hormone monster show up.  When this monster shows up he talks about the kid getting a boner and then tells him to go to the bathroom so he can masturbate.  They only get away with this because it is a cartoon and all of the characters look a little weird and they all have big mouths, but this makes people not take the show as serious.  There is also a monster that shows up out of no where and this helps even more to make the show less serious.  On the other hand there are also limitations to making a cartoon show and I think they are definitely due to the fact that people don’t take them as serious.  One of the limitations is that people do not connect with the characters as much as they do with a non-animated show.  When watching a cartoon I relax a little more and just watch the show for enjoyment and not to get as invested.

I believe that the “critical interest in and public perception of animated television has shifted over the last two decades” because of how much easier it is to make animated shows.  Cartoons are much easier to make now than they used to be but I also think people now like to watch shows that are a little out of the ordinary and are also a little disturbing at times.  There are definitely other shows that have contributed to this shift such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park.  All of these shows have been on for longer than the ones mentioned and are also a lot more famous, it is hard to meet someone now a days that has not seen at least one of the shows and most people even like to watch one of these shows.  I believe that Adult Swim’s block of nighttime programming has increased this cultural form’s reputation among general audiences.  I believe this because most of the shows that are on Adult Swim are inappropriate for younger audiences.  I do also think that their appeal is pretty confined to a narrow demographic because most of the people I talk about these shows who like them are all within that age group of young adult men who are ages 18-24.

There were definite moments in both F is For Family and Big Mouth that were outrageous and one kinda upsetting.  In F is For Family when the older brother saves his younger brother from the bullies and then goes and punches his younger brother as well.  This was upsetting for me because I really hate bullying and so I got sad during this scene but then happy again when the older brother stepped in and then I got really sad when he punched his brother.  I thought it was going to be a happy moment in the show where the brothers would connect but then the younger one started crying when he got punched by his older brother and this actually really upset me.  In Big Mouth when they have the main kid masturbate at his friends house was outrageous.  It was not sad or upsetting because they are cartoons, but if they had been real children then this scene would have definitely not been not suitable for television and would just be outright wrong.

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