In the issues pertaining to multi-camera sitcoms I never really paid much attention to how things were shown until this module in the class. This was because I thought that it was something that was usual, until I watched other shows that did not have the multi-camera setup. When watching the particular show One Day at a Time I think that their views were much more progressivism in the way that they portrayed the characters. The main reason I think that was because of the way that the daughters, Penelope feminism came out when fighting with her mom a the start of the season. I learned that friends is filmed in a multi-camera studio and has a live audience most of the time. Single camera sitcoms are more about the play, multi-camera shows have to please the audience with humor right then and there. Multi-camera scripts are much different than single camera scripts in the sense that they have to be formatted in a different way and typically have a software to do so. They use things like caps, underlines, double spacing and heading so the actors know when and how to say things. Most of these things I never thought about, when you have a multi-camera set up I feel as if you have something more to prove. Making for less mess ups and not a lot o time to practice. I did not realize that when doing this most of the shows are multi-camera, I just always thought that they changed things around every scene to get where they needed to go. When it comes to members of the crew there are typically ones that are overlooked and some that are praised, by most viewers. For instance the ones who set up the scene or the ones who do the lights and the costumes. All of these things are important, yet most don’t think about them as they are watching the show. However, after I began to watch these shows and read the articles provided, I found that I paid more attention to them and found myself asking the question as to why most of those things are done in that way.

When talking about Betancourt who argues that One Day at a Time gives Netflix viewers an “urgent recasting of an old formula” I do think that the ‘old’ part is true. The author talks about how these shows are an old-school way of showing how the television show is formulated and the single camera shows are beginning to be much more popular. This multi-camera sitcom that is shot in front of a live community creates much more of a sense of community, simply because of the humor that has to go into it. They are not able to make a machine laugh when they need laughter after a joke, but they have to appeal to the audience right then and there. Their pathos and sense of agency within each script and character must be on point and up to date in order to appeal to that types of audience. Personally, I think that multi-camera sitcoms have fallen out of favor with so many audiences in recent years because of the live audience aspect and the ways that they are filmed. It seems that that type of humor is much more scripted and the viewers want a dry sense of humor they are able to repeat to their friend’s and laugh at. Although I do know many shows that are still popular at multi-camera shows, It Is not the most popular thing to do.


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