Like I have mentioned before in my blog posts, I am not a huge television watcher. But this class has made me go out of my comfort zone when it comes to what types of television I like. As far as film, genre’s are widespread and they often overlap but each tends to have a common theme that many can expect to see when they watch the shows. Genre codes often make the storytelling possible. To be honest I do not like either of these genres of television, as I am more into the comedy or intense nonfiction types of television. However, Godless was quite interesting to me. The Godless and Lost in Space reveal their types of genres in very unique ways. Starting with Godless, revealed its genre of Western by setting the scene in a western looking town. Even when the train wreck happened in Colorado everyone was wearing some type of western clothing, the names of the characters were all names found in the western worlds and the way that they talk is a dead give away. Because this series is so short, I think that they did this on purpose so that the viewers knew what they were getting into right away. Whereas Lost in Space is a science fiction genre and for me, it was a little harder to tell what this was. Only because I have never seen many of these shows I was not sure what to expect. However, I felt as if the fact they were escaping from Jupiter their ‘family home’ and crashed into planet earth was something to be said for science fiction. The names of each of the shows had something to do with this as well.

A full appreciation of these Netflix programs requires an understanding of how those genres work because of the way that Netflix is set up. They are able to see what you watched and the genres most popular to you, allowing them to suggest show that you might want to watch next. For Netflix, the genre’s are extremely important and are always accurate when you click on the types you want to see.

I personally was not a fan of either of these genres, but after watching Godless I must say that I did like that television series. I am not sure that I would go after watching those types of shows on a daily basis, but ‘because I watched Godless,,,’ according to Netflix I might like some other shows. I think that I did like that show so much because it breaks from genre conventions offering new perspectives on topics. When I thought of western, I thought of horses, cowboys and an old town in the middle of nowhere with a bar fight happening at 1 in the afternoon. I thought that Godless did an excellent job of this. By staring the show with a disaster that a family must work through together to get out. They still had a western theme in it, but when they offered the topic of problem-solving within the family and showed how masculinity was a big part of the show but didn’t shed light on the femininity part was just what they needed to do to advance the show. In the scene when Cook was in the town of mostly women after the men were killed because of the mining accident. It showed how women could survive and how the men were still able to hold their rolls.

Overall, I really am enjoying how all of these television shows are giving me a chance to discover something new and make me want to keep watching different genres of shows.

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