Genres in film and TV are sometimes the sole reason why someone will watch a specific item. For myself, I try to avoid horror films and shows  at all costs because I simply typically do not enjoy those types of shows from prior experiences. When a show gets labeled by a certain genre, specific stereotypes about the item will usually be made before the show is even viewed. For example, Lost in Space , just by looking at the name it can be assumed that is going to be a sci-fi show. When the first scene comes on the screen, that premonition is proven to be true with the shot of the family playing cards in the space shuttle. However, in some ways shows can lean away from common traits within their genres. For this show in particular, family is still at the core of the show, even though this isn’t necessarily a family show. In addition, there is elements of humor which isn’t rare in sci-fi as seen in films like Guardians of the Galaxy. Still though, there are all of the typical elements of sci-fi such as aliens, space travel, and foreign planets.

Godless, categorized as a western film, is less stereotypical of typical westerns, though.  Again, it has many elements of what makes up the traits to be a western, but has some twists as well. The biggest twist is how the entire town is made up of only Women. In recent years, westerns have actually becoming less ‘typical’ of what traditional westerns have always been. Sometimes they’ll make them comedies, or mix sci-fi with westerns. As mentioned by Scott Tobias in his “‘Godless’: Why Netflix’s Brutal, Timely Western Is a Must-See” review on Rolling Stone, he says, “Though Godless was conceived over 15 years ago, it happens to come out at a time when stories of sexual misconduct from Hollywood to Capital Hill have exposed the abuses of men in power.” In actuality, this show could be reinventing the western genre to give females bigger roles, in an age where that is becoming popular in Hollywood. Far different from westerns 50 years ago, where women were only in the show to usually ‘assist’ the main character, usually a male.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi shows but have never been a fan of westerns. Although almost all genres follow their own storylines and have certain traits that go along with them, seeing a show that breaks away slightly from these elements is refreshing, and worth watching in my opinion. At the same time, if a perfectly executed sci-fi comes out that is very traditional, I’ll still end up watching it if it is done extremely well. In addition, especially for sci-fi, the story can great, but if the quality of production slacks I may shut it off because it is less believable.

Santa Clarita- Diet was my least favorite show out of these three. I think this really stems from the fact that the thought of blood makes me squeamish, and thinking about someone eating and drinking blood/flesh just about makes me want to shut off the show. With that said, I understand zombie shows are popular for a lot of audiences. Adding humor to this ‘ kinda horror show’ makes it more bearable. I also feel though that this type of show has been done before in different types of ways. I feel like it follows a narrative of “typical family under disguise.” I have seen this before in shows like The Americans. I think in the first episode, this show leans towards Comedy, maybe because everything about what makes this a horror is comedic and realistic for me, but also because of the elements of intended humor as well.

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