I think Godless has various aspects of the Western genre. For example, the hero demonstrating skills with guns and horses, in episode one we see Roy Goode show skill in approaching wild horses Annie has, as well as great skill with a gun when he shoots the snake coming near the sick child. Although, the struggle is not between forces of primitivism and those of civilization outwardly, I’d say the struggle between Roy Goode and Frank Griffin represents these ideals. It seems Roy is more representative of the civilized end of things, whereas Griffin is more in a primitive state of mind, willing to kill anyone associated with Roy. However, what can we expect from a character from such a tragic background revealed in “What Godless Says about America?”, his parents were murdered, sister was raped and he was adopted by a gang who taught him “things were purified with blood”.

I think Godless is a challenge to the traditional western genre in the sense that we see a glimpse into the rare-seen situations of the time. For instance, we get to see the sheriff who visits the native settlement for treatment, as well as the white woman (Alice) with her Native American son.

On a lighter note, Lost in Space was a lighter show depicting life for a family found in an extremely difficult future situation.  I think the use of flashbacks helps to soften the harsh situations they are finding themselves in, in the “present”. We get to see the characters in a more intimate way than just them being lost on this foreign planet, we get to see their backstory.  Obviously, this show displays distinct characteristics of the Science Fiction genre like the central characters being victimized by an accident/unnatural phenomenon, as well as the environment being otherworldly quite literally.

I’m not really a fan of the science fiction category, because I feel like a science fiction show can be slightly dramatic and still interesting; but Lost in Space seems extremely farfetched with the ice freezing while Judy is under water for literally a couple of minutes. I think it’s just too far-fetched and when I think science fiction, I think of fictional yet surprisingly realistic scenarios that make the viewer contemplate the future in a critical way. I think a good example of a science fiction is the Altered Carbon show, because the concept is just fiction enough that it’s interesting but contains realistic elements that make the viewer consider this as a possible reality? I’m not sure if this makes sense, and it could just be the way my brain works but to me that is a better show than Lost in Space.

I’ve heard a lot about The Santa Clarita Diet and how funny it is, so I was super excited to watch it for this assignment. This show I think is a perfect combination of the two genres of horror and comedy. For me, one of the funniest parts of this show is the fact that her husband smokes weed and in the beginning, she seems like a super conservative and kind of boring lady but as the show goes on and she becomes a zombie, she really starts to develop a rambunctious personality and is feisty! I think my favorite and funnies moment of the show was when Gary was hitting on her and she literally eats his fingers and then eats his body. I think this show and shows like it, majorly challenge the idea of horror shows, because the mix of humor and horror definitely dulls down the horror aspect. There’s no jumps or true scares in this show, it’s more of a horror sitcom, which is really the only way for me to get into the horror genre at all. I genuinely dislike being scared, but this show is so funny it’s not scary at all.

I think I will give Godless a try, although Westerns aren’t my favorite genre, I’d like to see more of the town of LaBelle and the climax (fight) between Roy Goode and Frank Griffin. I generally don’t like science fiction, and didn’t really like Lost in Space, so I don’t think I’ll continue that one. For Santa Clarita Diet, I think it’s really funny, but I’m not sure I’ll continue that one either.

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