I love Netflix and binge watching shows! It’s one of my favorite activities because it’s relaxing and you get sucked into another world. I’m really picky about which world I allow myself to get involved with. I’m not a fan of science fiction at all. It doesn’t fascinate me and I find it to be boring and not very happy. Westerns are a little better. They have a sense of history to them that I like and realness, but it depends on how slow and gory the western is. I love comedies, but not stupid comedies and I love horror movies. Put the two of them together and you’ve got a winner. Genres are ways we classify movies and shows because they all have their own themes and story lines to them which are also classified as codes within the genres.

Godless does represent the western genre because it has all the same elements: guns, horses, cowboys, prostitutes, small town, dirt and dust. Lost in Space also really catapulted the essence of a science fiction. It had advanced robots and outer space. How does something get more science fiction than that? According to Jeff Spry, it was inspired by the 60’s show Space Family Robinson. I am not a fan of either of these genres. I hate science fiction and the first episode if Lost in Space just affirmed it for me. Westerns are a little better. I still find them to be a bit boring, but Godless was pretty entertaining and interesting. I think Godless breaks genre conventions because some will argue that it should be classified as a “feminist western,” according to Rolling Stone magazine. The creator for the show that it’s not a feminist western because he’s as man, but the show shows women having more power and rights than many other westerns do. There is even a whole town that is being run by women because they’re aren’t any men.

In the first episode I think Santa Clarita Diet leans more towards comedy.It has a goofy sense to it with all the vomit that she throws up and how the husband reacts to certain things. The horror aspect of it doesn’t really come into play until she ate Gary at the the end of the episode. I think the two genres are both complimentary and contradicting.  For a person, such as myself, who doesn’t really like gory horror movies I think the comedy aspect of the show helps because it makes it watchable and interesting. However, it’s also contradicting because they’re isn’t really anything funny about someone murdering people to eat them. The most humorous part of the movie was towards the end when the husband comes home to talk to her about what had happened at the bar. He comes in the house and yells for her saying that they needed to talk “because last night was bullshit.” The way he said was hilarious. The most horrifying part was when Gary was threatening to rape her basically, so she ate hi fingers. It’s gruesome for sure. Overall I give the show a 10/10.

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