Both Godless and Lost in Space both typify their respective genres in many ways.  Godless does this because it follows many of the classical forms of the Western genre, such as how the antagonist wants to have more land and money.  It also follows the genre in how the hero is alone and he adapts a moral worldview in how he takes money from the antagonist and shoots him in the arm.  Lost in Space also follows the classical forms of the Science Fiction genre by having it take place on a planet that is not Earth, and the threat to the protagonist is also a threat to the natural order because we saw a scene with the robot killing people.  I do not think that to fully appreciate these shows you must have an understanding of how the genres “work”.  I believe that if you were to watch either of these shows and had never seen something from these genres before that you could still enjoy both of them.  I have been a fan of both of these genres before I watched the pilot for them and after watching the pilots I am interested in watching both of these shows.  Godless tries to breaks away from genre conventions by aiming to make their show a feminist Western but in the first episode most of the main characters are still male.  There is a town that has almost entirely women in it but even there the sheriff is still the main character and he is male.  The only main female character has a main male character staying with her and the male character seems to be more prominent. Lost in Space breaks away from their genre conventions by looking at a family that does not seem all to close in the beginning of the episode and also flashes back to times before they ended up where they are.  In one of the flashbacks the dad shows up to the family on Christmas as a surprise with them and everything seems happy, but in another the mother tells the daughter she doesn’t want her to be upset if the dad doesn’t show up again.  This seems different because I feel as if most families are not like this but also most families are not in the same situation that this family is in.

Santa Clarita Diet leans towards comedy in the first episode.  I was not scared or nervous once during the episode but at times I did chuckle at some of the jokes but overall I was not very interested in the show.  The two genres are definitely contradictory because comedy is supposed to make you laugh and have a fun time, while horror is intended to make you scared and get your heart rate up while watching it.  I think that it is probably impossible to get these two genres to mesh well and that it is better to focus on only one genre instead both.  This is because I find it very difficult to go from laughing and being happy to being scared or nervous for something to happen.  The most humorous moment of this episode was when one of the main characters was showing a house and she threw up a lot on the ground in front of everyone.  This was surprising to see and because she threw up so much I found it very funny.  The most horrifying scene in the show was when she bit off the fingers of her co worker and then began eating his stomach.  I didn’t think that this scene was very scary because the guy got his finger bit off and just stood there yelling until he fell to the ground.  I found it horrifying because it was pretty disgusting to watch.

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