Binge-watching Netflix – A crime that I have been ever so guilty of numerous times in my life and I know it is only going to get much worse as I fall deeply in love with a new Netflix series every week. I never seem to have a problem with binge watching Netflix. I am so damn busy during the school weeks that on a Sunday, when I am hungover, eating a Cosmos pizza, it’s nice to sit in my dark basement by myself or with my roommates and watch a bunch of Netflix. Binge watching for me is the most productive and enjoyable way to watch TV.  As a matter of fact, I thoroughly enjoyed binge watching House of Cards. Once one episode ended, I was eager to start another just so I could see what Francis was going to do. He was by far the character I connected with the most.

I despise having to wait a full week for a new episode to come out (Damn you Game of Thrones) and when I have the free time to sit on the couch and watch a full season of a show, you are damn right that is what I will be doing. Being able to watch the full season allows me to feel more indulged in the show and I don’t forget minor details like I would if I had to wait week to week. With HBO shows that make me wait every week, I typically rewatch the previous episode again before the new one comes out so I can refresh my memory of what happened.

I fell in love with the plot rather quickly. Kevin Spacey is such an intelligent badass and I connected with Francis the second he started manipulating every character in this show. He is so charismatic and the way he says something, and then turns to the camera and explains how he is going to manipulate the person he seems so passionate about makes me laugh every time. They made his character perfect and he is a great actor for the role. Zoey Barnes is a fun add in to the show. She is peppy and sassy and makes for a great journalist. Not to mention she is extremely attractive but unfortunately sleeps with “Old man Frank”. I can’t believe I have only watched a few episodes of the show. I cannot imagine there being another 50 episodes of pure corruption like the first 6 episodes.

The show captures me for many more reasons than just the top notch acting. They shine so much light on the corruption we see in politician’s present day and whether or not this is what is actually happening in modern day politics, I like to believe it is. Francis has the ability to control anyone in the show and he does so. If he wants someone to be fired or killed, he thinks of a brilliant plan which usually includes various chain reactions and his desired outcome happens. This past election was by far the most dramatic with all the numerous allegations of each party acting within unethical practices, and I can only imagine the corrupt BS that each party was doing. Francis comes off as such an intelligent character and his charisma is beyond this world. He is such a talented speaker and the way he connects with people blows my mind. I wish I was a politician so I could see what its really like on the inside. But then again, if I was a politician I would probably have to “Peter Russo”(SPOILER) myself so I will just go ahead and stick to IT Work as my day job.



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