Why is Netflix successful? I wish the answer was as simple as the question. Netflix is successful for hundreds of reasons and it depends on the individual answering the question. For me it’s simple, The Office is on Netflix. Obviously, this is not the only reason for me to use Netflix but if someone made an app that had all 4,376 minutes of the Office in a row without commercials, I would probably subscribe to that too. Yes, that number is accurate if you were wondering.

Netflix and other competitors like HBO are successful for countless reasons. There are zero commercials, which is a huge one for me. For Netflix, you don’t have to wait week to week for a new episode. It’s not super expensive and the selection of shows is so diverse, but interesting that it has anything and everything I could ever want. Each streaming app has its ups and downs though. Netflix puts out whole seasons all at once, but it only has a few originals I enjoy; where HBO has a much stronger selection of shows, but you must wait a week between each episode and after the season ends, it can be up to two years until the next season starts. (Long Live Game of Thrones!!) Hulu’s downfall is the commercials in the middle of the shows and the selection is the almost same as Netflix but you get it for free with Spotify Students so I use it occasionally. They all have their ups and downs with some good shows, and thousands of shows I will never watch.

Honestly, I don’t see Netflix or HBO going out of business anytime soon and I could see their businesses continuing to grow. All they need to do is continue releasing strong content and the viewers will keep coming. The ability to watch these shows is cheaper than ever when you can buy a tablet with internet for 50$ or a flat screen smart TV with Netflix installed for 100$. I think we will see cable TV going extinct before the demise of streaming apps. You hear it all the time present day how people are dropping their cable provider due to the number of unused channels and the high-priced bills that come with those channels. You can spend 10$ a month on a streaming app that will have a plethora of shows that will cater to the entire family, or you can have a 75$ cable bill each month that will have a few shows you enjoy, polluted with commercials and channels you never use. Streaming apps are the future and they will continue to be.  They are all different in their own little ways but hey, it sure beats having to go to the video store. Which brings me to the depressing downfall of the video stores we all remember and “loved” so much.

Movie stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were great. You would sit there all week with your family and think of a movie to watch on Friday night and go to the store only for it to be unavailable so you would wander around for 30 minutes to find some older movie that you and your family liked, but watched the week before when the same issue happened. The “early Netflix” identified this and allowed you to pick a movie and have it shipped to you just in time for Friday movie night and that is why it succeeded where others failed.

Netflix is a monopoly. Not really, but kind of. It obviously is not forcing other competitors out of the market by lowering prices to the point where others cannot and forcing barriers of entry and exit and all those parts of a monopoly we learned in Microeconomics. But it murdered Blockbuster in cold blood.  It is getting rid of cable TV. I would not be surprised if it absorbs Hulu soon. Netflix is amazing and it is no shock the me that nearly 120 million people subscribe to it. That’s just the number of subscribers too. Think of all the people who share your Netflix account. I imagine nearly HALF A BILLION people use Netflix and I don’t imagine that stopping anytime soon. Netflix is king. “Long live the king” -Scar from The Lion King, as seen on NETFLIX.



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