Thinking back in time I can remember when Blockbuster was popular, once a month my dad would take us to get a movie. We would rent it for 3 days and watch it only a million times, but the hassle to go get the movies was inconvenient. Not only was the drive to find a Blockbuster not ideal, but having to pick one movie among many was never an easy task. Now, I am able to make a couple clicks on my computer, phone or television to simply watch any movie or television show that I wish to see. Life seems so much simpler and I always am entertained in my moments of “broadness.” Netflix will not be put out of business because of the way its marketing and setup have been established.

Netflix is defined as an online video platform and is as popular as Apple iTunes, Amazon’s Instant Video and HULU. However, it was not always this way. Like any start-up company, it took some time to get to where they are today, after essentially taking Blockbusters customers. The 1997 launch year was originally an idea that went with Blockbuster. Two men started this company as a DVD renting service that allowed customers to rent and reserve online. Some say that because of this Blockbuster went bankrupt several years after Netflix started. John Antioco, who was the CEO of Blockbuster at the time, argued that Netflix undermined his company; after trying to find a solution to partner with this company he lost the business.

Netflix everywhere

From there Netflix grew to an online video platform, which is now ranked as one of the top in the world. With over 118 million subscribers and constantly growing they were able to make quite the name for themselves. No longer being just an online DVD mailing service, they now have gone to online streaming. According to Gerald Sim in an article titled “Individual Disruptors and Economic Gamechangers: Netflix, New Media and Neoliberalism,” “two percent of Netflix subscribers in the United States watched House of Cards’ entire second season within its first weekend of release. In other words, 634,000 viewers consumed thirteen hours of programming over three days.” He goes on to say that this type of revolutionary technology has created a gamechanger. The “Netflix Culture” is unlike anything else and with the freedom and flexibility that the specific company offers, it will be hard to compete against it. Because you pay a small fee per month that allows you access to all of the movies and television shows, they are able to show them with no advertisements. This appeals to many different audiences, as they want to watch their shows in a timely fashion. Without having to use illegal streaming to do so, Netflix has purchased the programs and shows them without interruptions. This again has made them one of the top streaming services in the world, unlike Hulu or On-demand, which show limited commercials. They have to do this because they do not own the programming and have to make money in some aspect.

Although HBO, HULU, Amazon Prime and On Demand offer some of the same types of shows and movies that Netflix does, their marketing and financial aspects are slightly different. When it comes to what shows you are able to watch it is limited and if you want to watch other ones there is an additional fee added on. This does not attract users, but in fact makes them stray because the shows they often want to watch have to be paid for. Once again this gives Netflix an advantage. The last advantage that Netflix has is that its app is downloadable. This allows users to access their account from any device at any time, with multiple users able to be on the same account at once. This makes it easy to pause shows or movies and pick back up when it is convenient for them. All in all, it makes sense that Netflix has become so popular and put Blockbuster out of business. With how technological our world has become today, having everything at your fingertips on your device is the way our world works.
-Hunter White

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