Netflix is one of the most successful media companies in the world.  Although Netflix still has some rivals such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO, almost everyone I know subscribes to Netflix.  I think this is because of a few things that Netflix does better than its rivals.  One of these reasons are the way Netflix is setup and how easy it is to navigate.  Also Netflix is one the providers that does not have commercials during their shows or movies.  Hulu has commercial breaks often and they can be pretty long sometimes so I don’t always like to use them because while I can chose what I watch I still have to watch commercials.  While I have not used HBO GO I do subscribe to both Hulu and Amazon Prime, and I find it much easier to use Netflix when I want to search for a movie or look under a certain category.  When using Hulu I notice that there are not as many options under each category and most of the movies I see do not interest me.  When using Amazon Prime it is not very hard to find the show I want to watch, but it is harder to find the episode I actually want to watch.  Another reason Netflix is so successful is because of their Netflix Originals, such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Narcos, House of Cards… the list goes on for a while.  These are also just examples of their TV shows, they also make great original movies.  While the movies are not as popular they are usually pretty good and interesting, such as Okja and Altered Carbon.  These  are all very popular shows and movies which have helped to make even more people get Netflix just so they can watch them.  However, other providers have also created their own original shows that people love.  On Amazon Prime I am a fan of shows such as Absentia, but I am not really a fan of any of the Hulu originals right now I may be in the future.  HBO has some of the most popular shows though that people have as their absolute favorites such as Game of Thrones, Barry, Silicon Valley, and Westworld.  Another disadvantage about Netflix is that they do not have all of the newest and more popular shows that you can watch on Prime and Hulu, like Timeless.  I think some of the problems Netflix will have in the future are keeping customers if their rival providers continue to stream popular shows or if they continue to create their own shows.  If rival providers continue to do this Netflix will need to start adding the more popular shows and creating their own popular content.  I do think that if Netflix starts to add the shows and continues creating the popular shows they do then they will continue to be successful.  I think that Netflix will be able to maintain their status as one of the most successful providers.  I also think that because the Netflix Originals are usually very good then they will keep attracting more customers, which will make them more money, and then they make more shows and the process continues.  If they can continue that process then nothing will be able to stop Netflix from continuing it’s domination of the industry.

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